..asphixiate... (northernxlights) wrote in piswad_luv,

hello piswad distict

hey everyone on this community!

i am part of this district but you guys dont know me...yet.

I am from Phoenix, Arizona at the Valley Church. none of the people here go to district cons

I had just moved to this district actually over the summer. I lived in Upstate New York in the St. Laurence district. I loved goig to Cons and i miss them. i cannot wait to go to one here.

maybe a few of you may know of Greta. she lived in Costa Mesa for a little bit and (i think) went to church there. i know she went to con-con. shes an old friend of mine, just wondering of anyone knows her.

i hope that through this journal i can understand whats going on in this district to also get my fellow people in my YG to get involved in the district.

have a good day!

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