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WUUKY V is coming!

Hey all you potential Jedis! Are you interested in going to WUUKY V this summer? Here is your chance to register. If you aren’t sure what WUUKY is, read on brave Padawan!

WUUKY, or Western Unitarian Universalist Karmic Youth, is a weeklong camp for youth ages 12-22 from the PCD, PiSsWaD, PiNWaD, and Mountain Desert District. It will be an amazing week of workshops, worship, and community building in an incredible natural setting.

This year it will take place July 3-8, 2006 at the Mendocino Woodlands State Park.

To ensure that WUUKY can take place this year, register early! WUUKY will be $250 for youth who register before May 20.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, or the deans at

In registering for and attending WUUKY, youth agree to abide by camp rules, which include, but are not limited to:
NO illegal substances
NO alcohol, even for those 21+
NO smoking by those under the age of 18
NO animals or pets, except service animals.
NO candles, lanterns, heaters, etc. with a flame
Helping to clean up camp on Saturday.
A full list of camp rules and consequences will be sent out in the camper letter, or can be requested from the deans.
Scholarships and T-Shirts:
We are offering different prices depending on when your registration is postmarked. There are also some scholarships available, contact the deans if interested. There are limited numbers so please make requests early. Donations to our scholarship fund are greatly appreciated. Price of registration includes a short-sleeved WUUKY T-shirt. To ensure you get the size you want, register early!
Please complete the following and mail to:
Lara Abel and Alana Sullivan-Glick
382 Head St.
San Francisco, CA 94132

Name: ________________________________
Address: ______________________________
City: _____________________ State: ______
Zip: _______ Congregation: ______________
Phone: _________________________
Cell Phone: _____________________
Do You Prefer to Receive Information by email?
Yes___ No___
YELLer Position: _______________________
Special Dietary Needs / Special Requests:
Total Fees: $_______

Prices for WUUKY as follows:
By May 20 $250
By June 17 $285
At WUUKY $300
*If you want to register after June 17, 2006 contact the registrar. If space is available, you must submit your registration via phone or email and bring your money to camp.
*No refunds will be made after June 17, 2006.
*Make checks payable to PCD-YRUU.

Indicate T-shirt size: ____
Youth L, Adult S-XXXL
Example: Youth Large = YL,
Adult Medium = AM
Donation to Scholarship: $_______
Total Enclosed: $_______

Health insurance carrier and # ______________________________________________
Meds, if any, _______________________________ Allergies, if any, _____________________
Emergency Contact Information:
Emergency Contact Name: ______________________ Relation to youth: _________________
Phone Number: ___________________ Alternative Phone Number: __________________
Alternative Contact:

CAMPER LIABILITY RELEASE FORM: All youth age 18 or over, and the parents or legal guardians(s) of those youth under 18, are each required to sign a copy of the enclosed Camper Liability Release Form (one signed copy per person) and bring it to camp. While WUUKY offers a relaxed and supportive environment, the activities undertaken, like most everything in life, come with some risk to life and property. By signing this form, the youth are agreeing not to hold PCD YRUU or its leaders, volunteers and employees, among others, in any way responsible for accidents or injuries that may take place at WUUKY or during camp-sponsored activities. The Camper Liability Release Form is a legally binding document. Read it carefully before you sign. NO REFUNDS will be provided for failure to sign it. PCD YRUU regrets the need for this requirement.

I __________________ am the parent/guardian of _________________ who will be attending WUUKY 2006 in the Mendocino Woodlands on the 3rd - 8th of July. I hereby give my consent and authority to the YELLers and deans at the camp to take any action they deem necessary to help ensure the safety, health, and welfare of my child. I also give my consent for any medical treatment, including surgical care if needed. I understand that my child is required to follow all of the camp rules and understand the consequences if they break these rules. Parent Signature____________________________________ Date____-_____-____
I _________________ will be an attendee at WUUKY 2006 in the Mendocino Woodlands on the 3rd - 8th and I understand all of the camp rules and I will abide by them throughout the camp. In addition, I certify that all the information stared on my registration form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
Attendee Signature________________________________ Date _____-_____-_____

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